21K Frac Tanks

21K Frac Tanks

21K (21,000 Gallon Capacity) Frac Tanks make up a large portion of our fleet. They are a versatile piece of equipment that is used for temporary liquid storage. All our tanks are custom built to Blue Tank and Pump Rental specifications, with several design options that can be chosen from to meet a customer’s specific needs. Every tank has an epoxy liner making it suitable for anything from fresh water, waste water, transformer oil, fuel, and mild acids. Each tank is also meticulously cleaned after every use, even if clean water is the only thing stored. This ensures every tank is Certified Clean, free of contaminants. Eliminating any customer concerns of contamination while using our tanks.

Other features include:

  • Internal and External manifolds and Internal and External flange connections allowing for a multitude of setup configurations
  • Heating coils for special applications, or extreme cold weather operations
  • Interior Smooth wall for easy cleaning
  • Side stairway and front stair configurations, never using ladders
  • 2 standard side manways, and 2 top manways
  • V-shaped bottoms to allow draining and cleaning
  • Vapor tight and flip top models
  • Safety guardrails on catwalks
  • Side D-rings to allow for easier movement onsite

Each tank is inspected upon return to our yards and before leaving to ensure it is in the best condition possible for the customer.

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