Applications Engineering

Our Staff of experts and engineers are able to help you develop an effective solution for your project. We can use past experience, industry knowledge, and end user experience design the solution. Our roots as a company started as an end user in the industrial, environmental, and construction business. We like to say when you rent equipment from Blue Tank and Pump Rental your also renting our expertise.

Past Projects

Distillery Wastewater pH Adjustment

Distillery Wastewater pH Adjustment

When a distillery in Frankfort, KY needed to raise the pH of their wastewater our engineers where able to work with the plant engineers to develop a cost effective temporary treatment solution that was able to save the plant on fees from Notice of Violations from the city sewer system. This system is designed to measure the pH of the wastewater and the dose varies up and down accordingly. We are then using electric air blowers to mix the water with the sodium hydroxide and increase the Dissolved Oxygen levels of the wastewater. Let us help you with your project to find the most effective and innovative solution for your project.