Blue Tank and Pump Rental got its start as a rental company servicing the environmental industry, which makes us incredibly familiar and comfortable with the rigors of the industry. With our fleet of sealed roll off boxes, 10K to 21K tanks, pumps, etc. we can meet any need you may have for your project, including hazardous waste storage and disposal. We will work closely with your engineering and onsite teams to develop any turnkey systems you need to complete your job.

Past Projects

Poly Acid Tanks

Poly Acid Tanks

When an environmental contractor needed to store 11,000 gallons of acid they relied on Blue Tank and Pump Rental to deliver them (2) 6000 gallon Poly Acid Tanks. We delivered these tanks as a emergency response on the weekend. Blue Tank and Pump Rental is experienced in providing equipment in emergency situations and is on Call 24/7/365.