With an array of pumps ranging from electric and hydraulic submersibles to diesel powered trailer mounted centrifugal pumps, along with frac tanks, roll off boxes, and vac boxes, Blue Tank and Pump Rental offers a great compliment to any industrial operation. Whether it’s cleaning a boiler or setting up a temporary oil water separator to allow for maintenance and repairs, we can help ensure that your facility has the least amount of downtime possible.

Past Projects

Vac Boxes

Vac Boxes

When an industrial contractor needed to rent 22 Vac Boxes and receive same day delivery they were able to look to Blue Tank and Pump Rental to get the job done. With unparalleled service and the commitment to the customer to always find a solution we were able to help them when other rental companies did not. Blue Tank and Pump Rental has roots in the industrial cleaning background and understands the difficulties faced by industrial service cleaning companies.