Mines, Pits, & Quarries

A major concern for any mine or quarry is groundwater. Groundwater infiltration, natural springs, and surface water runoff can rapidly cause problems for these operations, and Blue Tank and Pump Rental can help in an emergency when pumps fail or become overwhelmed. With a variety of high head and high flow centrifugal and submersible pumps, we can quickly deploy the equipment needed to get you dry and running like normal.

Past Projects

Fuel Spill

Fuel Spill

When a rock quarry had a fuel spill Blue Tank and Pump Rental was able to deliver frac tanks to hold the recovered skimmer water by the emergency response contractor. The frac tanks gave the contractor the needed storage room to ensure the vac truck was keeping its focus on fuel recovery instead of running up and down the road disposing of the fuel. Let us know for your next water transfer need in the quarries.