With experience working on pipeline sites, Blue Tank and Pump Rental is well suited for the rigorous and demanding nature of pipeline jobs. We can handle anything on the project from dewatering trenches to setting and connecting several 21K frac tank together via manifolds to create the capacity necessary to pressure test pipelines. This, coupled with our high flow and high head pumps, allows us to install a complete system able to test the pipelines quickly and responsibly.

Past Projects

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic Testing

Blue Tank and Pump Rental was able to rent 46 frac tanks, manifolding and a pump to use for hydrostatic testing. The line being tested was a newly installed large natural gas line. Blue Tank and Pump Rental was able to provide a turn key solution to the customer. We delivered the tanks, set the tanks in place, hooked up the manifold, and hooked up the pump. At the end of the project we unhooked the manifold, demobilized the tanks, and cleaned the tanks to get back in the rental fleet.